Homeland HomeHealth Nurse Treats Every Patient Like Family


Employee Spotlight: Meet Kerstie Keebaugh

Kerstie Keebaugh, RN Case Manager for Homeland HomeHealth, likes life in a small town. Growing up and living in Middletown, Kerstie has a close network of family and friends as well as extended links to acquaintances of her family. When visiting patients, Kerstie often hears remarks like “I remember your grandparents,” which brings her immeasurable joy, as her grandparents have passed away. Kerstie treats her patients with the same care she would her own family members and welcomes each day as a new adventure.

For Kerstie, the calling to be a nurse came early in life. By the time she was in middle school, she knew she wanted to be a nurse.

“There was no other career for me,” Kerstie says. “I wanted to help others and knew nursing was the best way I could make a difference.”

Prior to working at Homeland, Kerstie had other professional experiences which allowed her to practice nursing but did not provide time for Kerstie to get to know her patients and provide them with the best personalized care. She joined the Homeland HomeHealth team three years ago and it has been a perfect fit.

In her role as a case manager, Kerstie sees about six patients a day and often spends an hour with each one. She often works with patients for months, providing time to form strong bonds and provide optimal care.

“I love seeing patients in their homes instead of an institutional setting,” Kerstie says. “I often feel like I’m part of their families.”

Kerstie works with patients in the Middletown and Steelton areas, which provides unique experiences and connections which can only be found in a close-knit community. During one patient visit, Kerstie was connected with a gentleman who had worked with her grandfather and went on family vacations with Kerstie’s grandparents. During her time with the patient, she heard stories about her grandfather that she had never heard before. In some small way, Kerstie felt like she was caring for her grandfather during her time with her patient.

“I was young when my grandparents died,” Kerstie adds. “I often feel like I’m caring for them now when I work with my senior patients.”

As a HomeHealth nurse, Kerstie is part of a highly trained medical team that includes nurses; physical, occupational and speech therapists; nutritional counselors; social workers; and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) who provide specialized care for patients wishing to remain in their homes instead of a nursing home, rehabilitation center or other care facility.

As Americans in the Baby Boomer generation age, more and more people want the independence and freedom of staying in their homes to live their best possible lives. Homeland HomeHealth helps patients achieve this goal. Home medical care is convenient and is as effective as care received in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Kerstie encourages anyone considering a career in nursing to pursue the profession and try different work settings to find the best fit.

“Follow your heart,” Kerstie encourages. “I took a chance with HomeHealth and it has been more rewarding than I ever imagined.”

Homeland HomeHealth serves five counties throughout Central Pennsylvania, providing care in a person’s home.

For more information, call Homeland HomeHealth at (717) 412-0166.