Homeland Hospice Remembers


Memorial picnic image with 2 ladies
“I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Memorial Picnic was.

Homeland did an incredible job of making the event one of joy and remembrance. Not everyone gets a chance to publicly honor their loved one who has died, so it was such a gift to allow family and friends to share what they will always remember about the patient.

Memorial picnic colored rocksEach loved one and staff member received a painted stone of their choice as a tangible symbol to keep and hold on to their memories of the patient. Unlike our culture which sends the message to get over it and move on, Homeland created a comfortable environment where people were encouraged to reflect and celebrate about their bereavement journey.

As an in-office staff member, I don’t build relationships with the patients and their families the same way the field employees do. Getting to know the family and friends of the patients and hearing their memories reminded me that I am not just answering phones or pushing papers but my work has a greater purpose.”

– Laura Lipscomb, Compliance Coordinator, Homeland Hospice, HomeHealth & HomeCare