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“My Reflections” Workshops

What if there is a sudden accident or illness and you can’t communicate your decisions about immediate or future health care needs? Many just assume family would know the choices you would make. Only one person is qualified to convey your wishes to health care professionals – that is YOU!

“My Reflections” will help you to think through many end-of-life care decisions. It will assist you in preparing yourself and others for decisions you would make if unable to communicate your wishes. Presented by Barbara Goll, Community Educator, this workshop offers tools and resources that enable participants to reflect and plan end of life care choices, communicate wishes to family, choose a health care proxy, and develop a family legacy letter to loved ones.

Please join us for a workshop near you. Or, if your organization would like to host a Homeland at Home “My Reflections” Workshop, please email Barbara Goll or call her at 717-221-7890.