The Importance of Spiritual Counseling

path in the green forestAs you or a loved one are nearing the end-of-life, physical symptom and pain relief is essential but it’s only a part of Homeland Hospice’s overall healthcare approach.  Helping patients and their families manage the emotional and mental aspect of the journey, through spiritual counseling, is part of Homeland’s holistic approach to healthcare.

Homeland Hospice has several counselors and chaplains on staff who help patients and family members with spiritual issues. They answer questions and help them find meaning and hope.

“Spiritual care and counseling throughout the end-of-life journey helps the patient explore their life, their legacy, their wisdom, truth and values,” says Rev. Dann Caldwell.  “As a spiritual counselor it is my job, my purpose, to be a resource who offers my presence and guidance at this time of life.  I am here to offer hope, comfort, compassion, and address their questions and concerns.”

Approximately 50 percent of Homeland Hospice’s patients receive spiritual counseling. Regardless of religious affiliation, Homeland’s counselors and chaplains respect each individual’s beliefs, offering support and encouragement while reminding patients and families that they are not alone while nearing the end-of-life.

Patients who already have a long-standing relationship within their congregation may decide to forego additional support. Those who do request it, typically receive at least one or two spiritual counseling visits each month.

“We certainly offer more visits if that’s what the patient wants, and we offer support and guidance to all persons from all denominations and religious affiliations…or no religious affiliations at all.” says Caldwell.

While spiritual counseling is focused on the patient, family members participate from time to time.

“Sometimes family members are present during a session and join in prayer with us,” Caldwell says.  “Some request certain hymns to be sung. Depending on the patient’s needs or requests, we can offer a spiritual-specific or a general approach to spiritual counseling. We honor our patient’s wishes.”

At Homeland, we help you find the hope in hospice.  Contact us to discuss how we may support you and your family.