Mother and Daughter Share Memories and Milestones

  July 30, 2019

  At 97 years young, Frances Shoop has a keen mind filled with memories of milestone adventures and beloved family moments. Frances lives with her daughter and caregiver Louetta Romberger in Millersburg. The two enjoy looking through family photo albums of the past, and cherish frequent visits from Louetta’s grandchildren…

The Most Vital of Signs

  July 15, 2019

By guest writer and Homeland Hospice Nurse, Helen Haddick. This article is republished with permission from Helen’s blog From Saving to Sending, Hospice Isn’t Just About Dying. Prior to becoming a Hospice Nurse, Helen’s journey included ten years of being a Med Surg, ICU, and Perianesthesia Nurse. >>> As nurses,…

Record Attendance at Annual 5K and Memory Walk

  June 27, 2019

On Saturday, June 22, 271 runners and walkers laced up their sneakers for the 5th Annual Homeland Hospice 5K at City Island in Harrisburg, This is the highest attended race in the event’s history. Homeland Hospice is a hospice program that serves communities throughout Central Pennsylvania. A new feature at…

Cathy and Carol: Friends in All Seasons of Life

  June 17, 2019

In good times, friends share laughter, create memories and plan for the future. They celebrate special occasions and inside jokes. In challenging times, they listen to each other’s heartache and provide stability and guidance. Cathy Paul and Carol Wood are such friends. Their lives are forever intertwined by the joys…

Families Share Treasured Memories at Annual Event

  May 30, 2019

  We all have them. Special memories of time spent with a loved one. With perfect clarity, we remember the sounds, scents and feelings of the moment. Sometimes the collection of these moments play like a slideshow in our mind. After the death of a loved one, these memories sustain…

A Journey from Hops to Beer: The Grief Path

  May 17, 2019

“Creating our collection of farmhouse style beers is an exercise in patience,“ says Matt Miller, co-owner of Mellow Mink Brewing in Mechanicsburg. “We combine the ingredients in barrels and give beer time to develop its unique characteristics. The process can’t be rushed.” The journey of grief, like the process of…


Homeland Hospice 5K and Memory Walk

October 22, 2022
8:30am - 10:30am