Thank you to Homeland Social Workers


By Mary Peters, MSW, LSW, Assistant Director of Social Services, Homeland Hospice

Multilingual Thank You HeartAs my colleagues, friends and family know, I take Social Work month very seriously. I am a social worker by trade and take a lot of pride in what it means to be a social worker. The definition of social work (to me) in its simplest form is: being an advocate for those in need.

As the Assistant Director of Social Services at Homeland Hospice I am not only an advocate for the patients and families we serve, but equally important, an advocate for and the number one fan of those I supervise.

In reflection of Social Work Month last year, I was resolute on honoring all the members of my team–social workers, spiritual care and bereavement counselors, medical records staff, and IHR coordinator—and plan to do the same this year. They are all dedicated servants to those in need in some way and all have selflessly stepped up as needed through this most challenging year.

Every team member is critical in the care Homeland Hospice provides. I could NOT have gone without any one of them this past year. I mean this with the purest heart. Their passion and warmth are to be admired and truly inspires me to do what I do every day. I am so proud to say that I am their supervisor and colleague!

Each of the disciplines in Social Services provide the utmost care, concern, support, and advocacy, for each one of their patients, family members, and loved ones.

THANK YOU, Social Workers: Rachael Young, Leighann Hoffman, Pam Ramsey, Laurie Bassler, Robin Zampelli, Danielle Williams, Alyssa Richards, Angie Smyser, Stacey Schroder, and Lisa Fetter.

THANK YOU, Chaplains: Dann Caldwell, Rey Villarreal, Mark Harris, and John Good.

THANK YOU, Bereavement Counselors: Alexis Conkle and Noelle Valentine.

THANK YOU Mary Anne Naugle – Medical Records/Clinical Records Specialist, and our newest addition, Rachel Arrieta – In Home Relief Coordinator.