Homeland’s Founding Churches and Visionary Women Featured in 2024 Lottery Calendar



More than 156 years ago, nine churches and 18 women came together to find a way to meet the growing humanitarian needs in our community after the Civil War. Their work made history and led to the creation of the “Society for the Home for the Friendless” which is now Homeland Center. Historic photos of the churches along with insight about the founding female leaders are featured in Homeland Center’s 2024 Lottery Calendar which is now on sale.

The lottery calendar has become a tradition for friends, volunteers and supporters of Homeland’s work. The monthly calendar costs $25 and supports the organization’s benevolent care programs. More than 1,000 calendars are produced and sold and everyone who purchases a calendar is eligible to be entered into daily drawings for cash prizes.

“This year’s calendar is exceptional and truly unique,” says Homeland Board of Trustees member Marion Alexander. “It offers far more than dates and potential prizes.”

The calendar tells a story about the power of faith and purpose coming together to serve Harrisburg families and lay the groundwork for today’s Homeland Center. Plans for the calendar began more than a year ago with the help of David Morrison and Jeb Stuart of the Historic Harrisburg Association, along with Homeland volunteers including Marion.

“Homeland’s foundation was built by the compassionate leadership of 18 women,” Marion adds. “This vision continues today through the Board of Managers.”

When the “Home for the Friendless” was formed, the Board of Lady Managers, as it was called, served to help meet the needs of its orphans and widows. More than 156 years later, the Board of Managers includes 18 women who work to make Homeland a home for all residents.

Proceeds from calendar sales provide financial support and additional services to Homeland residents, patients and clients in need. Homeland provides more than $3 million in benevolent care annually to ensure all residents, patients and clients receive high-quality, supportive care when they need it most. Through the Lottery Calendar more than $70,000 has been raised since 2015 to support Homeland’s benevolent care program.

To learn more about our nine founding churches, please visit our Nine-Founding-Churches page.