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We exist to serve hospice patients in the communities where you live, to provide hope and compassionate care, ensuring they receive quality end of life care through the many therapies and extra services we offer:

  • Nearly 50,000 hours of in-home relief services are provided annually to our patients’ families & caregivers.
  • 3215 complementary therapy visits are delivered to patients each year.
  • 780 people (and growing) are in our bereavement program.
  • 15 unique support groups are offered throughout the year.
  • More than 300 compassionate volunteer hours are provided each month.

With your contribution, you help our caregivers touch the lives of hundreds of people and make certain that patients and their families are not worrying about the expense that can come with a terminal diagnosis. They can focus fully on their loved one and make every moment meaningful. Your gift will make an immediate impact to a hospice patient in need.

Won’t you support the essential services for hospice patients by making a donation today?

“…grief is the price of love, but moving forward is to honor the one we have lost; through Homeland Hospice’s guidance, I have been able to move forward. It is not easy and I still struggle, but because of your bereavement program, I am assured that I will make it.”

                                                                                          ~ from a grieving husband

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