Guitar #27

Sponsored by
Janet & David Young

Created by
Sydney Young

It was our pleasure to support The Homeland Hospice 10th Anniversary with the sponsorship of an artist to create one of the guitars.  It was easy having an upcoming “artist” in our family.

Sydney Young, our only female grandchild, is a delightful young woman who truly enjoys the arts.  Since her early years in high school and now as a freshman at Penn State, Sydney is expressing herself in several creative ways.

What a wonderful way to support Homeland Hospice and the community.


Artist bio:

Sydney Young is a freshman at Penn State University with a double major in Ceramics and Earth, Science and Policy.  She started studying ceramics her freshman year of high school at Cumberland Valley High School.

Sydney has been very interested in sustainability and has been trying to display that through her work.  She received a spot on the Cumberland Valley High School’s wall of fame for her work in the arts as well as numerous other art awards.  This includes The Peoples Choice award for an exhibit she installed along with her high school ceramics professor and a few fellow classmates at the Wildwood Park in Harrisburg.

Sydney hopes to continue her work as she attends Penn State.

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