The Conversation

When enduring any type of illness, the optimal outcome is a cure. Recovery is possible for some, but for others it is not.

For patients diagnosed with a terminal illness, things don’t always turn out as planned. Most would like to talk to their doctor about their end of life wishes but few actually do so. And the majority of terminally-ill patients prefer to die in the comfort of their own homes yet that desire is often unrealized, as well.

What’s needed is an open and honest dialog (“the conversation”) between the physician, patient and family in end-of-life situations—and the sooner the better. This conversation can be difficult but the benefits are immeasurable. It’s no longer about prolonging life;  it’s now about pain and symptom management so more quality time can be shared with loved ones.

Homeland Hospice often assists physicians with end-of-life, advance care planning conversations. And we can be a tremendous asset bringing comfort, acceptance and peace to the terminally ill and their loved ones.

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