Bereavement Support

Coping with loss is a deeply personal experience that doesn’t follow a fixed timeline. Homeland’s bereavement counselors guide families through the very difficult loss of a loved one. They understand that healing takes time – and will walk with you through your bereavement journey.

We offer support through phone calls, one-on-one consultations and support groups. Our bereavement support program is available to the bereaved of Homeland’s patients as well as anyone in the community who is experiencing grief.

The impact of social distancing because of COVID-19 has compounded the grieving process for individuals and families. Homeland Hospice’s protocols, including those for bereavement support, are being monitored and adjusted as needed. Bereavement counselors will be sure to communicate any changes to you.

I greatly appreciate the monthly luncheon. Indeed, it is a safe place to be. And learning about the experiences of others has helped my healing process. Thank you.

Support Group Meetings

Support groups offer self-awareness, healing and a sense of community, with individuals entering as strangers and often continuing their relationships as friends. Together, members of our support groups find camaraderie and new purpose amidst the pain of loss.

All bereavement support programs are facilitated by Bereavement Counselor, Noelle Valentine, MSW, LSW (left), and Bereavement Coordinator, Alexis Conkle, MSW (right). To learn more about our bereavement support click here, or contact Noelle or Alexis by calling 717-221-7890.