Guitar #42

Sponsored by
Nell McCormack Abom Communications

Created by
Avery Rountree & Brianna Ranney, Shaull Elementary


Message from the Sponsor:

As a small business owner and public relations professional, I was delighted to sponsor a painted guitar for Homeland Hospice’s 10th Anniversary. A beloved aunt experienced hospice care more than a decade ago in Philadelphia and the positive, uplifting support she and my family received during that difficult time left a deep sense of gratitude in all of us for the compassionate care rendered by the hospice workers. It was a privilege to honor your team’s holistic approach to end-of-life care through the artistry of children in the painted-guitar gallery.

I asked Jessica Fox, the art teacher at my children’s former elementary school, Shaull Elementary in the Cumberland Valley School District, if some of her students might wish to paint a guitar for my firm on behalf of Homeland Hospice. She enthusiastically agreed and enlisted the eager assistance of two, very talented fifth-grade student-artists who completed a beautiful rendering of a lighthouse projecting shelter and safety through the night sky. I use the lighthouse and sea image in my PR practice and find them calming and inspiring as I hope hospice patients and all who witness this guitar painting will experience.

~ Nell McCormack Abom


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