Guitar #57

Sponsored by
Homeland Hospice

Created by
Noelle Valentine

Guitar Name:  Cindi

My guitar is in honor of my Aunt “Cindi” who had died from cancer at a young 60 and almost exactly a year before the event, in fact, we spent that Saturday in Philadelphia with our families coming together to share in her memory.  Tie-dye was her thing and the quote is close to my heart as we also lost my uncle only two years before her at 61 … so it is about finding light in the darkness:  “Believe there is light in the darkness”.

Artist Bio:  I graduated from Ship with my MSW focus in grief in 2018 and obtained my LSW shortly after.  I am currently one of the bereavement counselors at Homeland Hospice with a mission to walk the grief journey with our families as well as community bereaved.  I love what I do and I believe in the organization that allows me to do it.

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