#61 – 10th Anniversary Event Attendees

#60 – ABC27 & 97.3 The River

#59 – CBS21

#58 – Homeland Hospice

#57 – Homeland Hospice

Guitar Name:  Cindi

My guitar is in honor of my Aunt “Cindi” who had died from cancer at a young 60 and almost exactly a year before the event, in fact, we spent that Saturday in Philadelphia with our families coming together to share in her memory.  Tie-dye was her thing and the quote is close to my heart as we also lost my uncle only two years before her at 61 … so it is about finding light in the darkness:  “Believe there is light in the darkness”.

Artist Bio:  I graduated from Ship with my MSW focus in grief in 2018 and obtained my LSW shortly after.  I am currently one of the bereavement counselors at Homeland Hospice with a mission to walk the grief journey with our families as well as community bereaved.  I love what I do and I believe in the organization that allows me to do it.

#56 – Homeland Hospice

Some people view receiving hospice care as “giving up hope”.  The background of this guitar begins with the solemn color of black, a lack of hope, and slowly brightens to the color purple, finding peace, faith and hope.  Hope is not lost when admitted to hospice, it is redefined.  Hope can be redirected into mending and restoring relationships, spending quality time with loved ones, finding peace and comfort, turning to religious faith, settling financial affairs and any other thing that the person doesn’t want to leave unfinished.  The color purple is a calming color, allowing for introspection and focused insight.  Like the color purple, the iris is a symbol of faith and hope.

#55 – Homeland Hospice

#54 – Wilsbach Distributors

#53 – Wendy Shumaker

#52 – Triscari Video/Web/Marketing


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”
~ Vincent Van Gogh

About the Artist:

Patti Boccassini-Hill painted this colorful, Van Gogh-inspired guitar. As the former publisher of Harrisburg Magazine and Homes and Gardens of S. Central PA, the artist continually finds beauty in gardens, homes and people. Boccassini-Hill is now Project Manager for Triscari/ Video/Web/Marketing in Camp Hill, PA.

Message from the Sponsor:

Triscari proudly sponsored this guitar.  Triscari, in the media business for over 40 years, jumped at the opportunity to support Homeland Hospice in its 10-year celebration of providing compassionate care to those in need in our community.